Apartment Complexes

apartment_complexes_02We service a vast range of apartment complexes, from very small to very big. For example, our clients include a two-unit model and a six-acre, 700-unit compound.

We patrol apartment complexes via:

  • Auto patrol, which includes regular drive-throughs of your complex’s parking lot to ensure that it is safe and secure.
  • On-site service, where our agents will perform a list of duties such as locking up the clubhouse and/or fitness center, walking the stairwells and checking the fire alarm.
  • Or we can combine both auto patrol and on-site service into a package that fits the specific needs of your complex.

Our authority will cover the commons area of your apartment complex, but it does not extend to the inside of your tenants’ apartments. However, we can cite your tenants, and three written notices from us will result in an eviction.

Contact us to discuss the specific service needs of your apartment complex.