Shopping Centers

shopping_centers2We can service any size of shopping center or strip mall. Typically, we offer services such as patrolling the commons area and parking lot, either through auto patrols or on-site work.

Usually our contract with the property’s management company will limit us to the commons area. Anything requiring enforcement services within individual stores of a shopping center will need to be handled through separate contracts with individual stores.

When we hired Blake’s company in 2000 for Security at our Beaverton Town Square, he was a small business with just a few employees and during the 9 years of tenure, his company has developed into a reliable business with good employees and supervision that listens to the customers input. We would recommend his business to other companies in need of security for their premises.

– Carol Johnson

We are ready to assist you in managing shopping center security and safety.  Contact us to discuss the services to meet your needs.