Alarm Response

monitoringCascade Enforcement Agency has over 200 alarm clients and many of these clients have multiple locations.  Our years of experience have allowed us the ability to clear alarm calls in a precise and efficient time frame. The response is generally through a dispatch center to our agents but can also be customized through the Virtual Agent system, which uses cameras to patrol your property. Expect thorough communication from us in all alarm response circumstances.

Alarm response services include:

  • An established protocol on how to handle alarm responses and who to contact in an emergency situation
  • A detailed report of any incident immediately sent out the morning of the next business day
  • A monthly retainer fee for alarm response services with an established hourly response rate to maintain our high level of customer service
  • Tracked prompt response to properties using a GPS

We will equip you with an alarm protocol and response at an affordable price.  Contact us to receive a quote customized for your situation.

Contact us anytime to set up alarm response services.