The Cascade Family

familyAt Cascade Enforcement Agency, the word family applies to us on many levels. First, it’s in our leadership, with spouses Blake and Sarah Jonas jointly owning the company. But the concept of family extends beyond actual relations. We encourage a family atmosphere at Cascade Enforcement Agency, and we treat all of our staff accordingly.

The sense of family extends to how we treat our customers as well. Every client we have is part of the Cascade Enforcement family, and with that comes the assurance that we don’t play favorites based on a client’s size. We deliver the same high level of service to a small, two-person business that we would to a multi-million-dollar corporation. Our main objective is to make the customer happy.

“I contacted Blake to help me with a sensitive security issue. He was accessible, knowledgeable, and very discreet. I recommend his service highly.”

– Lori Petersen

The Cascade Family also places top importance on our relationship to communities and the environment.  Read more about our committment to green practices.